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3 Popular Myths About Roofing Care

As the most important structural component of your home, a roof in excellent conditions is an important part of home maintenance and avoiding considerable expenses in the future when work is done by a qualified roofing contractors.

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Your roof will play the primary role in warding off the attrition of the elements, like sunshine, rain and hail.

Even with regular maintenance for residential roofing in Escondido, CA the best roof still have a limited life span and eventually, you will need to schedule replacements. But, this fairly sizeable investment can be postponed significantly, IF special attention is paid to proper roof maintenance.

To provide some indication, the following article will provide the expert roofers perspective on some common roofing myths that lead to misunderstanding and costly repairs. If you are a homeowner looking to extend the life of their roof, this important message is for you.

Myth No. 1: Begin applying remedies AFTER the damage has occurred

Calling in the professionals to inspect your roof and apply remedy should be part of your ongoing plan for roof care. While there are some damages that can occur in the moment, from a falling tree limb for example, most are caused by a smaller problem that has been allowed to fester and reach critical levels.

Taking the time to perform a regular inspection and schedule a professional review once a year and after especially heavy storms is the best way to keep your roof from disrepair. Catching problems when they are still small means smaller repairs and a longer lasting roof.

Myth No. 2: Roof Repairs are Fairly Easy DIY-Work

This really depends on your level of expertise as a DIY enthusiast. While laying a couple shingles will only take intermediate skill (and expert precaution), some aspects of roof repair require a qualified professionals. This is not always just to handle the extremely complex work of fixing a roof, but also the insight to see how far the damage has extended and catch it all in time. A shoddy DIY repair can ultimately lead to an entire roof replacement if the damage is not actually addressed or even aggravated through inexperience.

Myth No. 3: I can place new shingles on old worn roofing materials

Well actually, you can do this and it may even keep out some moisture for a while, but ultimately this is a bad idea and can lead to larger costs down the line. For roofing materials to do the job they were purposed for, they must be applied to fresh clean surfaces that have been prepared for new roofing. When “recovering” your roof you will be faced with the initial costs of this projects and still have to face the growing damage later down the line. Find a roofer with a warranty on their work. Bob Piva Roofing Company specializes in residential and commercial. You can visit them at 1192 Industrial Ave, Escondido, CA 92029.

Final Notes on Roof Care Myths

The biggest myth of all is that bringing in the experts is the costly route to enjoying a long-lasting roof. Actually, timely intervention by knowledgeable professionals can be the essential stitch-in-time that avoids future expenses. If you are unsure of the conditions of your roof, call in a professional. You may find that your roof has plenty of life left and only needs a little love and care to bring you full value. Contact us today at (760) 745-4700.

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