4 Homeowners Must-Knows Roof Replacement Estimates North County CA

You have been eyeballing your new roof and decided that a new roof is in order. So, where do you go from here? It will be essential to fully understand the recommendations of your roofing contractor in Valley Center, CA when making a decision to have your roof replaced.

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There are several tasks and products that will need to be selected and understood when looking into making roof replacements. Here is what you need to know about better understanding roofing quotes.


The roofing materials will be one of the most important economic considerations and affects both the costs and service life of your new roof. The contractor will make their recommendation for a certain type of roofing materials and the manufacturers who produce it in their estimate list. But you can also choose from the luxurious look of dimensional or architectural shingles which are highly popular now. The estimate provided will also include the warranty and expected life span of the shingle in question.


If you have architectural features on your roof like a dormer, wall, chimneys or skylights, you will need flashing to prevent water from entering through the edges and causing damage to your internal structures.

Flashing is typically a thin sheet of galvanized steel or aluminum. Professional roofers will create their own flashing which is often superior in both aesthetics and construction. These will need to be installed everywhere the roof meets an edge or valley, for example, skylights, dormers, gables, valleys, chimneys, decks, edges, and porches.

New flashing will need to be added to a new roof. If the flashing is not installed and maintained to perfection, it will soon allow moisture to pass through the roof and begin damaging the interior structures.


Another important element of your roofing system is the underlayment which forms a barrier between the top-most roofing materials and the decking below. Underlayment is a sheet of protective materials that prevent moisture from passing from the exterior to the decking below.

The underlayment is reinforced with fiberglass that will strengthen against tearing and improve its longevity. This layer makes installation easier and improves the waterproofing of your home.

Manufacturers are constantly developing improved underlayment. The latest synthetic varieties are designed for improved service life and moisture resistance. Some manufacturers are even researching advanced organic and eco-friendly underlayment materials.

Depending on the climate and type of roof your home has, your contractor will select the best underlayment for your needs. If you have any further questions about the underlayment, your experienced contractor will be able to answer your questions after examining your roof more carefully.


One part of roofing replacements that will need to be examined carefully is the drip edge. This is often overlooked, but an especially important part of keeping your roof in perfect condition. You may need to ask about this as not all contractors will include this important element in their design plans.

Drip edges are applied along the gutter lines and eaves of the roof and prevent water from making its way under the shingles. While it may seem like a small detail, this genius part of your roofing system can significantly increase the lifespan of your roof. No matter what type of roof, a qualified roofing contractor in Valley Center, CA will help you understand your estimate and answer any questions. You can give Bob Piva Roofing a call or visit their local showroom.