3 Signs of A Damaged Roof

The roof is perhaps the most significant feature in a building or home. It is the primary defense against all environmental elements. As such, your roof is always at the mercies of all sorts of weather conditions hence prone to damage.

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Through the years, your roofing system will put up a good fight more so if it was serviced by quality roofing contractors in Hidden Meadows, CA and made from quality materials and has a robust structural design. However, the harsh weather, falling debris, and various environmental incidentals will have their toll and impact the roof’s lifespan.

Roof damage is somewhat inevitable even for the best of maintained roofs. However, some of the damages can go unnoticed for a while only to be discovered when some notable signs start to show or with the inspection by a qualified roofing contractor.

Below are three of the major signals of damage to your roof that indicate the need to plan for roofing repair or in some instances a full replacement.

  1. Dark Streaks Appear
    If you notice any dark streaks on your ceiling and the upper section of the walls, then you have an algae problem.e the algae can quickly turn into an airborne hazard that places your family’s health at risk. And while the streaks may not pose a significant threat to your roof, they are a sign of underlying issues that need fixing.

If the streaking is highly advanced, then you probably are dealing with advanced roofing damage that is hard to fix by doing repairs. The first culprit for the dark streaks would be the presence of moisture or dampness, which is indicative of a leaking roof. The leaks could be attributed by cracked, warped, or missing roofing materials. It is a problem prevalent with shingled roofs.

  1. Wear And Tear Due To Aging
    Every roof will age and how old it is dictates whether repairs will suffice or a replacement will be the best option. The standard roof should last around 20 years, while the advance roofing systems have a lifespan for nearly 80 years or more. The roofing material used plays a significant role in how long the roof will be in service.

For instance, an asphalt shingle roof has an average lifespan of 20 years, and a metal roof can last twice as long. As the material age and are affected by the changing weather and environmental conditions, they will wear and tear. Finding damages such as asphalt granules and pieces of the shingles in the gutters and downspouts is one of the definite signs of aging.

  1. Heating And Cooling Issues Due To Weakened Insulation
    The roofs will have heating and ventilation features that help to recirculate the warm air as it rises to the ceilings. However, a drop in indoor temperatures is a sign of insulation problems. Damage to the roof may be why heat is escaping. In some instance, resealing the roof may not suffice if the roofing system is structurally weak due to old age. As such, the most cost-effective option would be to replace the old roof with a new one.

Any of the three signs mentioned above require immediate attention call (760) 745-4700. In some instances, it is possible to fix them and avoid a roof replacement if you discover the problem early. Given such possibilities, you can avoid all these woes by scheduling an annual roofing inspection from a local Hidden Meadows, CA roofing contractor like Bob Piva Roofing so that any damages can be found and corrected in good time especially garage roof repair.