5 Tips for Choosing Residential Roofers

Have you had enough of your roof leaking? Or maybe you notice that the shingles are falling off? These two are telltale signs that you need to enlist the services of a roofing contractor in Vista, CA.

Roofers in Vista, California

Initially, you might think that this is a pretty straightforward process. But you need to be careful when making your decision since not all roofing contractors are created equal. Read on and find out five helpful tips for hiring a roofer.

1) Choose a local roofer

One of the most important things to do is to narrow down your list to local roofers. Why is this important? Because roofing problems can come up anytime. You need to have somebody you can lean on in case of emergencies.

A roofer that services your particular location can arrive at your doorstep as soon as possible. This helps prevent further damage to the roof and your property as a whole.

2) Ask if they offer emergency services

Speaking of emergencies, it’s highly recommended that you hire a roofer that offers emergency roofing services. You wouldn’t want to wait until the next day to fix a leaking roof, right? Emergency roofers can answer your calls anytime and go to your place to fix leaks and other roofing problems. Whether it’s the weekend or a holiday, you can rest assured knowing that you have somebody to call in the event of roofing emergencies.

3) Check licensing and insurance

Not all homeowners take the time to check whether they’re hiring has the appropriate license. You wouldn’t want to commit this same mistake. To ensure that the roofing company can service your area legally, checking their license is a must.

You should also choose a bonded and insured roofer. This protects you against paying for damages caused to your property or the workers. The roofer should offer worker’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance at the very least.

4) Look for references

Nowadays, it’s easy to go to Google to find reviews of roofing contractors. But can you really trust the reviews you find online? After all, these reviews can be manipulated rather easily. An excellent alternative is by asking the roofer to provide a list of local references.

This way, you get to speak with past clients and discuss their experience with the instructor. There’s nothing like hearing firsthand feedback from people who have already used their services. This method proves much safer than relying solely on online reviews.

5) Get a written estimate

Of course, you need to factor in your budget when choosing a roofer. During your search, you’ll find that many roofers charge unreasonable rates. This is why you should talk to multiple roofing contractors instead of settling on the first company you find.

Get a written estimate from all the companies on your list. Remove those that charge too high as well as those whose offers seem too good to be true. Be reasonable and choose the roofer that provides a detailed estimate so you can be sure about where your money will go. To learn more about our Vista, CA roofing services at Bob Piva Roofing, visit 1192 Industrial Ave, Escondido, CA 92029 or call (760) 745-4700.