How to Find a Leak in a Roof North County Ca Homeowners

The roof is the most important feature of any home. It acts as the heart of the house, protecting you against hail, sun, snow and rain. If you happen to get a leak in your roof, it’s vital to find the problem fast and have a roofing contractor in Rancho Bernardo, CA fix it.

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The more it’s left unattended to, the more the damage will escalate which will severely affect your health condition and general functioning of the house. The quicker you fix the leak, the better it will be for your pocket.

Steps To Use To Find A Leak In A Roof

So how do you know you have a roof leak? Below are steps on how to find a leak in a roof.

Look For Signs Of A Leaking Roof

There are many ways that can lead to a potential roof leak, so you have to be keen when inspecting the roof. One of the most common ways is water damage that you can notice via the sounds of dripping water. Sometimes you may notice dark water stains forming on the ceiling or there can be subtle small spots on the walls.

However the water leak manifests itself, it’s vital to stop it immediately. Did you know that within 24 to 48 hours mold and mildew grow on damp surfaces? Apart from endangering your health, there will be a musty odor rendering the house inhabitable.

Check The Attic

Grab a flashlight and climb up to the attic to check for any telltale signs of a roof leak. Look for damp spots or mold on the underside of the roof. You should also be looking for a thin stream of water along the rafters from where you will follow the flow uphill until the wood surface is dry.

Look for dark marks or discoloration along with the wood sheathing which is often caused by mildew or wood rot. While still in the attic, check for possible entry points like loose nails, valleys, chimneys, and roof vents and mark them with chalk.

Water Test

If visual detection and confirmation of the leak from both inside and outside of the house fails, then it’s time to make it rain. You can enlist the services of a helper to stay inside and watch the area of the suspected leak.

Use a garden hose to soak water over different sections of the roof while the inside person confirms the areas they have seen a drip with a flashlight and bucket in hand. Safety is a priority in this case hence ensure the ladder is stable enough and that you are comfortable on the roof. If you’re afraid of heights, don’t risk it. Instead, call a professional Rancho Bernardo, CA roofing contractor to identify and fix the leak.

Don’t wait around for the problem to turn disastrous for you to react. Get a professional roofing service like Bob Piva Roofing Company to conduct inspection and maintenance services which will guarantee that any problem in your roof is taken care of at the beginning stages.

If not fixed, the damage will become extensive, which will result in significant repairs from both the inside and outside of the house which is a costly endeavor.