5 issues that could cause a Leaking Roof in Hidden Meadows, CA

Leaking roofs occur in sunny Hidden Meadows North County San Diego, for many reasons. Your Roof is under a constant barrage of ultraviolet rays and dry weather. Several significant factors cause your roof to leak. 

1) Roofing tiles slip down and expose the tar paper

On tile roofs, there is an underlayment of tar paper in conjunction with metal flashings that are responsible, as a last resort, for keeping water out of your home. The tile itself is your first defense for keeping water out of your home, but when tiles slip down and expose the tar paper, this leaves it open to direct sunlight and dry air. Over time and exposure to the elements, the tar paper will become brittle and crack open. Slipping roofing tiles leaves your Roof open to a leak in that area or anywhere downhill from that area. That is why it is crucial to ensure you have no broken or slipped tiles on your Roof.

On fiberglass shingle roofs, the shingles and flashings are responsible for keeping water out of your home. 

Incorrectly installed metal flashing can cause your Roof to leak

2) Incorrectly installed metal flashing can cause your Roof to leak

Also, incorrectly installed metal flashing may not allow for proper drainage. Over time this will also affect the integrity of your Roof. The reason is that water does not channel back on top of the tile. It will instead be shot underneath the tile and begin to rot your Roof’s underlying membrane. 

3) Leaves and debris can also cause leaky roofs

Leaves and debris can cause a roof to leak. We often see leaking areas due to the accumulation of leaves and debris. When leaves and debris are on your Roof, this clogs the natural downslope flow of water. Therefore, Bebris left on your Roof is not ideal for keeping your home safe from water intrusion. 

4) Inadequate or inexperienced roofer workmanship

We have also seen many cases where the workmanship is inadequate. In other words, the prior contractor installed the wrong type of material for that specified Roof pitch. Or the prior roofing contractor installed the material poorly or even incorrectly.  A haphazard installation means roof “patching” is the only alternative. On the other hand, a proper roof installation makes an older roof “serviceable,” and repairs are “leak-free.”

5) Standing water on a flat roof can cause it to leak

On flat roofs, the stakes can be even higher. Water naturally puddles and ponds on a flat roof when it rains. Flat roofs might have standing water, which makes no margin for error. However, if an older flat roof is installed correctly and maintained, it can last up to 20 years. These roofs must be inspected annually for potential issues, that include clogged drains and worn surface areas. 

Overall, being vigilant and proactive can ensure a waterproof roof season after season. 

Hire a roofing contractor with a proven track record

You should always vet a few companies when looking for a job as big as a new roof.  What you should look for when hiring a roofing contractor in Hidden Meadows, CA:

  • Licensed and insured contractor
  • Roofing job References
  • Home Roof Guarantee