A Brief History Of San Marcos, CA

San Marcos, CA is located in the San Diego area. Approximately 85,000 people call this their home and they love that there is so much to do and see in this safe town. It has a warmer climate and people love that they have access to many wonderful restaurants and shops to take advantage of on a regular basis. Since the city is growing all the time, there are more and more people that are finding out all about San Marcos, CA and they love what they are hearing.

All Kinds Of Information About San Marcos, CA

San Marcos, CA was originally a ranching and farming area but now is known as a booming but small college town. There are five colleges and universities in the area. In the past, the San Luis Rey Spaniards came upon it on April 25th in 1797. This date is known as the Feast of Saint Mark. They were said to have discovered it when they found the people that stole sheep from them. Known as the Little Valley of St. Mark, San Marcos, CA had its beginnings in this way and today it loves its nickname of the Valley of Discovery. It’s also a major hub for roofers in San Marcos, CA.

Interesting Places In San Marcos, CA

San Marcos, CA has Old California Restaurant Row where patrons can find just about any type of food that they would like to eat. For golfing, sports lovers will enjoy many courses, one being St. Mark Golf Club. With the city offering a myriad of hotels and places to stay, people will love choices like the Residence Inn San Diego North/San Marcos, First Choice Executive Suites, and The Lake House Resort, as well as others. For nature lovers, there are plenty of trails and parks for them to take in many outdoor activities like Discovery Lake and Double Peak Park.

Landmarks Of San Marcos, CA

There is an illuminated cross that stands up on a hill above the San Marcos Lake area and it can be seen by people at night. Built-in 1952, the Williams Barn (or “Red Barn”) is another landmark of the area, as well as the San Marcos Historical Society.

The San Marcos Historical Society

The San Marcos Historical Society can be reached at (760) 744-9025. They have a great impact on the activities in the area and they are known to offer all kinds of assistance. People are welcome to contact them for more information that they need about San Marcos, CA. It is a place that is filled with all types of artifacts and details about San Marcos and there are plenty of research options that can be used.

Residents and visitors alike enjoy San Marcos, CA not only because of its great climate but they enjoy the friendliness of the people too. Since there is plenty of work opportunities and an area that is rich in culture, it is fast becoming a place that people love. They thrive on the beauty of all that San Marcos, CA has to offer them.