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How to Hire a Contractor

How to Hire a Contractor

Brought to you by Bob Piva Roofing. The replacement of roofing, windows, doors or the addition of solar to your home or HOA environment is a considerable task and investment. When done right, the value of the property rises. When done wrong, it can be devastating.

When it comes time to hiring a Contractor; there are several things that you simply must know before you consider hiring a Contractor. A few moments of your time as a decision maker can mean the difference between success and failure. 

From each Contractor that you speak with, get the following…

Licensing: When it comes to having work done on your roof, you want to make sure the company is well established and licensed. Be very wary of anyone who is not licensed and in good standing. This is an automatic warning sign. The lower the license number, the longer they have been in business.

Insurance: You should absolutely refuse to do business with a company that is not well insured (A minimum of one million dollars liability insurance and current certificates of Workers Compensation Insurance). If something unforeseen should happen (like an employee injury or property damage etc) and the contractor is not insured you could be liable.

Customer References: Always get a list of customer references before you hire a roofing contractor. Take that list (minimum of three) and call each one to determine if they were happy with the quality, communication, and the price of their project.

Bankruptcy: Unfortunately if a company has filed for bankruptcy; it is likely a sign of instability. (The same is true of a company name change.) Have liens or judgments been filed on customers property due to non payment of labor or roofing materials by the contractor? Another red flag!

Credit References: When a business has a poor credit standing; it’s another sign of insolvency. Check with local roofing material suppliers such as……

Roofing Wholesale Supply – 760-744-3090
ABC Supply Company – 760-471-2050
Structural Materials Company – 760-510-8320
SG Wholesale Roofing Supplies Inc. – 760-631-5559
Ford Wholesale – 858-627-9110

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