When Should You Consider a Roof Replacement in San Diego CA?

A roof is a fundamental part of a house that should be kept in great condition at all times. A falling roof poses threats to both the occupants and the surrounding environment. Below are some of the signs that your roof needs immediate service from roofing contractors in Poway, CA, or elsewhere.

Poway, CA Roofing Contractor

Algae Growth on your roof

Algae growth occurs due to the availability of bacteria that is usually eating away the shingles. Most manufacturing companies tend to use limestone to lower the cost of shingle production. The limestone provides a breeding space for bacteria that eats away the shingles, hence weakening the roof. It immensely affects the roof over some time which is why a timely replacement is necessary.

Moisture and Mold

This is another key sign that your roof needs to be replaced immediately. Moisture and mold are likely to be brought by poor venting of the attic. When an attic is not properly vented it tends to hold warm air inside. As time goes by, there is condensation and the warm air turns into moisture. This moisture is responsible for rusty nails and eventually creates a breeding space for mold. With time, the mold will cause rotting, which will directly require you to replace the roof as roof repair service most likely won’t fix the issue..

Curled/Missing Shingles

Curled or buckled shingles are a clear sign that your roof is aging. Curled shingles are likely to occur due to moisture found in the attic, which in return forces the nails to push up and outwards, thereby affecting the roofing materials. This mess can easily lead to other severe damages, especially during heavy storms. Once your roof starts losing some parts of shingles, it is a clear indication that your roof needs to be replaced. A missing shingle is a clear path that leads water into your home. It can turn out to be very catastrophic, especially when the water comes into contact with electric wires. In some instances, it can lead to a fire.

Sun Rays Coming Through The Roof Boards

Once you start witnessing daylight coming through the roof boards, it is an obvious sign that you need to replace your roof. This is a clear path for the moisture to get into your home. Additionally, this means that the nails used to bind roofing materials have fallen off. The roof requires replacement to save your home from further destruction.

Ice Dams

Are you located in an extremely cold area? If you get to see some ice dams on the edge of your roof, then it’s a clear sign that you need to change your roof. To avoid ice dams on your roof, ensure that your home is fully protected. This will be achieved if your home is well-insulated and ventilated. Ensure you put in place water and ice shields as well.

High Energy Bills

Excessively high heating and cooling bills can be brought about by a faulty roof. Energy can only escape the house if there are poor ventilation and insulation in your home. Check the roof and attic as it could be underperforming.

There are plenty more signs but the ones listed above are some of the more common signs. Don’t hesitate to contact Bob Piva Roofing at (760) 745-4700 with any questions on roofing contractors in Poway, CA or visit 1192 Industrial Ave, Escondido, CA 92029.