5 Questions to ask Roofing Contractors Before Hiring

Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors Before Hiring if you need roofing work done now, you might be tempted to call any company in your area and work with any roofing contractors in Rancho Bernardo, CA. Still, you’ll be better off if you take a deep breath and take the time to find your best options. Make sure you ask all of these questions before you hire a local roofing company.

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Are You Licensed And Insured?

It’s important to confirm that a roofer has a contractor license. You should look for someone with the proper qualifications for a job like this. You should also confirm that you’re hiring someone that is fully insured. A lack of insurance coverage could cause majors for you if there is an accident during a roofing job.

Are You Able To Provide References?

Prior to hiring a roofer, you’ll want to check in with some of their former clients. You should talk to them about their experiences with this roofer and see if they were positive. You should always request that a roofer provides with you client references. If a roofer isn’t able to give you references for whatever reason, you’ll want to cross them off your list.

Do You Use Subcontractors?

Even if a roofing company has stellar references, you could wind up having a poor experience if they use subcontractors. You should ask about subcontractors and find out more about the specific people that will be working on your roof. Make sure that your project isn’t being outsourced to someone else.

Do You Offer A Warranty?

The best roofing companies are more than willing to stand by their work. If a roofing company offers a strong warranty, you’ll be protected if you experience problems down the road. If roofers do provide a warranty, you should find out how long the warranty lasts and see what it includes.

Can You Provide Details In Writing?

If a roofer provides you with a verbal quote or an offer, you’ll want those details to be confirmed in writing. A word-of-mouth agreement may not be legally binding. A written estimate, however, will provide you with protection if things go sour. Get the details in-hand before you commit to hiring anyone.

It can be difficult to choose the right roofer, especially if you need extensive work done. You depend on your roof, which is why you’ll want to find the best available people to work on it. Make sure you ask all of these questions when you’re interviewing roofers. It’ll help you to narrow down your list of candidates and find someone that’s trustworthy like Bob Piva Roofing company. They’ve been a Rancho Bernardo, CA roofing contractor for over 50 years.